A Man Gives The Most ‘Chill’ Interview After Sustaining A Gunshot Wound

01.30.16 2 years ago 7 Comments

In my mind, getting shot in the chest has to be painful, both immediately after and in the days and weeks that follow. Apparently, I’ve had it wrong all this time because this Illinois man took a bullet to the chest and seemed pretty chill afterwards.

Devon Hawkins was just “chilling, kicking it” like he usually does when shots rang out and he suffered a gunshot wound that required a trip to the hospital. Undeterred, he returned home later that night and proceeded to give the most nonchalant, unbothered live interview ever.

“I’m in the room chilling, kicking like I usually do. Drinking. Then somebody shot right through my back window, hit me in the chest,” he explained. Devon mentions that his son was in the room while he got shot and that he only suffered “a little petty wound” before showing the blood soaked bandage off to the camera.

It’s all quite impressive: the amount of curse words he was able to sneak into a minute of live television, the way he answered each question between drags of his cig (without ever having to put it out), and the actual reveal of the wound.

I must say though, Devon is no Teriq Royal, who updated his social media immediately after being shot in the head, but then again I’m not Devon’s friend on Facebook so maybe he did. Still, since my post-gunshot interview would be full of screaming, crying and a bunch of inaudible shrieks and pleading for my momma, I’m not one to talk.

(Via KHQA)

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