Gunplay Fought The G-Unit Mob & Gunplay Won

09.30.12 5 years ago 58 Comments

Well, maybe Gunplay didn’t win but he was still standing, still fighting. According Worldstar (who else would be right there when hoodrat things happen), the Maybach Music artist “was jumped by 5+ members of 50 Cents entourage” at the BET Hip-Hop Awards Saturday night in Atlanta.

The video footage below captures the incident after most of the G-Unit guys dipped and Gun was dropping haymakers on the lone man left. The incident reportedly happened after the Rick Ross/Young Jeezy tango backstage. Those Maybach Music guys made a lot of noise in Atlanta this weekend, huh?

Quick Points

1. The footage is wild sloppy. Buckle your safety belt before clicking play, otherwise you may fall out of your chair while trying to watch it.

2. Mr. “106 & Snort” actin’ up at the BET Awards? Oh, the irony.

3. We don’t get to see the full fight but we’ll go out on a limb and say that if Gun went up against five guys and still was left with enough of his wits and strength to be on his feet to be on the offensive against one means he either won or at least got a draw. Tyler Durden would give him props.

4. 50, this is why you still need Tony Yayo. All these auxiliary G-Unit members disparaging the name? Yayo wouldn’t allow it to happen. Then again, Tony’s a felon so he doesn’t need the headaches of street fights.

5. The BET Hip-Hop Awards needs better security.

6. Cocaine is a helluva a drug.

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