Sonny Digital and Zaytoven Explain How To Survive In The Music Business

02.03.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

Everything that Sonny Digital and Zaytoven say during their short but sweet Blueprint Minute mini-docs is plain common sense. Like, it’s so incredibly obvious that it’s easy to overlook.

Digital, most recently heard behind the boards for Que’s “Clip So Long,” gets to the point real quick. Working with a manager is not a quick way to fame, or success. Instead, if you, as an artist, aren’t doing anything or have a buzz, then there’s nothing for a manager to manage. And then other Atlantan, Zaytoven, speaks on finding a passion in life, creating stability and how both elements have helped him to stay in the industry.

These two remind us that nothing is easy in life, whether it’s working brutal hours or keeping a day job, even though Zay sounds like he enjoys his just fine.

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