Today’s Time-Waster: A Hilarious Collage Of News Reporter Bloopers

04.07.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

It’s Monday. There’s a meeting later you’ve been dreading for a week. You just checked Instagram only to see friends vacationing on an exotic island. Meanwhile, Todd from accounting is talking your head off about God knows what. And to make matters worse, payday isn’t until Friday and the only thing in the refrigerator are two cheeseburger sliders from Applebees. That’s why you need this 15-minute escape to laugh at news reporters screwing up royally.

Talking in front of a camera is hard. That and most of the people who populate our local news stations don’t get paid worth a damn either. But their bloopers always serve as a reminder we’re not the only ones who experience bad days at work. And our “wanna get away?” moments aren’t stored on camera either.

There’s something truly hilarious about uncomfortable sexual innuendoes and well-timed video-bombs. Happy Monday, people. Friday’s only four days away.

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