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Yaris Sanchez

How Apple Avoids Paying Billions in Taxes [Business Insider]

How Obama & Romney Fared in News Coverage & Social Media [Pew Research]

Crystal Calixte Is Effortlessly Sexy [The Spizzy]

Natalie Nunn’s Unreleased Lingerie Video [The Urban Daily]

Why Does Horse Racing Survive? [The Atlantic]

Pizza That Never Sleeps (Even in a Hurricane) [Storyboard]

Mitt Romney Holds Rally In Town Where Trayvon Martin Was Gunned Down [HHW]

The Best Moments Of Week 9 Sunday [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

T-Boz, TLC Album: Singer Talks About Future Sound of the Group [The Boombox]

The Definitive Collection of Terrible Rap Videos [Refined Hype]

How Much Do Stand-Up Comedians Actually Make? [NY Times]

How To Clean Up The Apps Connected To Your Social Media Accounts [Read Write Web]

Kenyon Martin Is Desperate And Angry For An NBA Job [SLAM]

10 Things Learned From ‘The Killer Within’ Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’ [Warming Glow]

Verizon Employee Arrested for Stealing Naked Pictures Off of a Customer’s Cellphone [Gawker]

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