How Lionel Richie Sold Nearly 20,000 Albums In An Hour

03.24.12 6 years ago 6 Comments


“”As expected, Lionel Richie hit the upper limit of what the company projected he would do from the hour-long live performance broadcast by the Home Shopping Network on March 16.

“Like most music events, HSN put the item up for sale on its website weeks before the event. But the company also preceded the event with an hour-long pre-concert show that featured Richie talking about making the album. Moreover, the overall event helped drive social chatter, which in turn was pushed by HSN’s own twitter push, Richie’s and the Universal Music Group’s own social media efforts, Lord said.

“While the networks have attempted to reach teenage buyers, those efforts rarely yield enough increased sales to justify the additional advertising costs targeting those demos. When the appropriate artists target the channels’ older demos, however, the special programming can deliver incremental sales that otherwise might not be achieved. For example, when Donny & Marie Osmond appeared for a half-hour on QVC in April 2011, their “Donny & Marie” album sold nearly 11,000 units, according to SoundScan.”

Read the full story at Billboard.

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