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09.10.09 8 years ago 12 Comments

Challedon Saltor. Nothing But (Mostly) Net

Hugh Hefner: What He’s Worth [TMZ]

Site Spotlight: Rappers That Suck [C&D]

MJ’s “This is It” Poster Revealed [Showout]

iPods Get Cheaper, Making Room For…Better iPods? [Mashable]

Would You Steal a Sex Toy? [NWSO]

The Most Ridiculous Rap Beefs [Giant]

Here Comes the Beatles Merchandise Machine [Getback]

Is Drinking Piss Really Good For You? [Recall]

Yes, The UFL is Willing to Go With Helmet Ads [Sporting News]

Hell Rell Accuses Jim Jones Of Stealing Royalties In Lawsuit [AHH]

?uestlove, Is That You? [TRU]

If True, This Is The Greatest Craigslist Post Ever [BoH]

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