IAMNOBODI – “Cross The Line”

01.14.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

An article just went up on IAMNOBODI so you’d expect me to chill on dude’s music for a minute. Well that can’t ride considering “Cross The Line,” his latest song, bumps from front to back. Hey I can’t help it if I hear something fresh and feel it needs some shine. So let’s walk through this joint before we fall victim to its bounce.

The beat eschews the two part journey seen in “Flowers, + Apricots & Prunes” for a short trip ready to get your system booming. The claps come in so clean as do the kicks. Strings and synths also work in tandem as a counterbalance to the track’s low-end sounds. Plus that bassline is everything on a good set of speakers.

“CROSS THE LINE” serves as IAMNOBODI’s personal thank you for reaching 30,000 fans on Soundcloud. It’s a well deserved milestone considering he makes high-quality beats like this on the daily.

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