“I’d Like To Thank…”

12.22.07 10 years ago 5 Comments

naughty by nature

I had to scan the “Limewire DLs” to find a good old school pick for today. ‘Lo & behold I ended up with this track which ultimately made me think – Whatever happened to album outros? If we still had these shits where the rapper’s weed carriers finally got to hear their voice encapsulated in audio form, maybe we wouldn’t have to subjected to any more Tony Yayo albums.

Anyways, Treach ripped it, like he always did back then.

Naughty By Nature – Thankx for Sleepwalking

And indirectly related is the album intro…of which, I have to say that Biz Mark’s “Dedication” has always been one that I remembered for Biz’s sheer ability to shoutout everybody in his Rolodex.

Biz Markie – Dedication

Maybe I just miss rappers talking to us & helping to create a “relationship” atmosphere around the album.

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