Introducing The Smoking Section’s Maildrop

11.09.11 6 years ago 22 Comments

We here at TSS always have a cornucopia of ideas flowing through our twisted heads to keep you all entertained. But sometimes we want to hear directly from you, our loyal readers. So, with that said, we want to hear from you! We’re trying out a new TSS Maildrop feature that invites visitors to offer up questions about any topic you choose. Hip-Hop? Wrestling? TV? Chicks? Karate flicks? If you’ve got questions, we’ve got the most candid answers possible. We’re here to help if you want to know Gotty’s™ favorite ice cream flavor or Tins’ secret to staying single or what we really think about a certain topic. In short, The Maildrop will be the place to ask and get your answers.

Just send all of your questions to TSS.Maildrop @ Gmail and be sure to include your handle from the comments section if you want to be recognized (or feel free to ask in anonymity). Each week, we’ll select a handful to answer and post our replies on the site for all to enjoy.

And please, no mp3’s or artist submissions here. If we do get a submission from Artist A in here, we’ll in turn banish said artist to one of the lower levels of Dante’s Inferno.

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