10.23 The Cooler

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Larena, Whip Appeal

Isiah And Magic In Full-On Feud [The Baseline]

Playstation 3 Now Outselling Xbox, Wii [BI]

Shawn Kemp Is Back, Sort Of [Dime]

Reasons White People Like Boyz N The Hood [Gunaxin]

FBI: Mobster ‘More Powerful Than A John Gotti’ [CNN]

Khloe Kardashian Has Not Met Lamar Odom’s Children [D-Listed]

Deadspin Is Doing The Lord’s Work [With Leather]

Thug Life: Thief Cries During Robbery [Bachelor Guy]

Worst Job in the World [The Big Lead]

The Pizza Box Of The Future [The Life Files]

LED Eyelashes [Neatorama]

Revisiting Halle Berry & Her Glorious Rack [Me & Isis]

How To Do Smoke Tricks [HMJ]

Senator McCain Asks Obama to Pardon Boxer Jack Johnson [BV Sports]

At One Chicago High School, 115 Girls Are Pregnant [Current]

Vanity Plate Racks Up $19k in Fines [AOL]

Trick Daddy Wants Trina Back On The Team [Drew Reports]

Can Music Save MySpace? [Read Write Web]

Nike Air Max LeBron VII Black/Gold [SN]

TSS Shirts Marked Down [TSS]

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