Ja Rule Talks Suicide In His First Letter From Prison

11.23.11 6 years ago 21 Comments

Ja Rule is adjusting to prison life about as well as possibly expected. Similar to Lil Wayne and T.I. before him, Jeffery will be using his time behind bars to communicate with the public through a series of letters. In the very first installment, he explains how an 18-year-old inmate, who was housed in the cell directly next to him, attempted to commit suicide. According to Ja, the kid recently celebrated his birthday and his girlfriend’s parents filed sex offender charges due to the fact she was only 16.

He was in school for graphic arts to learn how to make video games. It’s sad cause he’s still a kid himself a good kid at that and now he’ll be forever labeled rapist or sex offender when really he’s probably just a kid in love.

Wow it’s crazy how 2 years can be so close but yet so far when your 18 & 16 it seems far because he’s now an adult and she’s still a teen, but when your 10 & 12 it’s cute and innocent and when your 18 & 20 nobody gives a fuck. It makes me think about Britt and her starting to date I’m not gonna lie at 18 & 16 I’d be at a cross road to but to ruin a young mans life & stain his future is not rite. At 18 your legally an adult but your really still just a kid I remember when I was 18 I thought I knew everything about life & living as I look back now as a 35 year old man I realize I didn’t know shit LOL and I’m still learning & growing as a man. 2 years that’s what separates me from my family rite now and I look at it as short time but yet when Ish told me that Britt’s acting partner was 17 I almost had a fit even tho she’ll be 16 soon I’m sure he’ll be 18 soon and BAM there it is crossroad LOL.

It’s funny how God puts situations in front of you so you can see it clearly. I trust Britt I know me & Ish raised her well besides she hates Kids LOL. But I also know the intentions of a young man I got my eyes on you lil homie Don’t make me come back to this motherfucker!

In all seriousness, it is a very honest letter from Ja on an even more sensitive topic. I am willing to bet we all know or know of at least one person who has gotten caught up on similar technicality. The one suggestion I have for Rule’s team is this though. Quarterly letters seem like they would create more of an impact as opposed to monthly. What do I know though? Here’s to Ja keeping his spirits high in the pen. And I say that with no joke, ridicule or ill will towards the man.

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