What The Hell Is Jacoby Jones Talking About In This Interview At The Pelicans Game?

01.22.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

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Elsewhere in New Orleans on Tuesday night – and only mere minutes away from the WWLTV studios – Jacoby Jones had Twitter speculating that he was higher than Peter Pan’s grundle as he answered some sideline questions at a Pelicans game.

I got drunk once. OK, I’ve been drunk more than once. But anyone who has been under the unique spell of Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels or any of their country cousins are aware when they’re reaching “that other level.” The one when one more drink could probably result in the always-annoying headache from hell the next morning and a rap sheet of bad incidents that can’t be lived down. Most times we go there anyway because life’s all about living for the moment (responsibly, of course).

It’s difficult to tell if New Orleans native Jacoby Jones was at “that” level. He’s a professional athlete, in much better shape and knows his way around a bottle or two, evident in his run-in with Sweet Pea a few months back. Plus, it’s the offseason. Who cares, right?

I won’t speculate, but I will say that I’m pretty sure he said both teams would win the Super Bowl. Whatever the case, Jacoby can enjoy all the hot sausage po-boys he wants if he’d just sign on to be a Saint this season. Just saying. Anyway, here’s another interview that’ll leave you scratching your head.

Jacoby was either high as telephone wires, drunk or a combination of both. Well, I’m putting the over/under at 4.5 drinks for Jacoby during his interview with Jennifer Hale at last night’s Pelicans/Kings game. He had to be because I’m pretty sure he said both teams would win the Super Bowl and rattled on about hot sausage po-boys.

Whatever spell Jones was under, we haven’t seen entertainment like this since the days of Pootie Tang.

H/T: Big Lead

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