Jalen Rose Recalls The Time He Stole Patrick Ewing’s TV

11.04.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

Grantland and Jalen Rose have made the Internuts a better place with their Story Time With Jalen Rose segments. The Vince Carter-Sam Mitchell fight was a hoot and even the ones we didn’t publish – a rookie Rose buying condoms for Dikembe Mutumbo, his pre-game rituals and Jalen’s explanation of how pros go broke – carry a honest, insider’s perspective that sports junkies relish hearing about.

Their latest update involves the former Indiana Pacer retelling how he got the one-up on center Patrick Ewing, not on the court, but off it…by swiping the big man’s TV/VCR combo. Yes, it’s ludicrous yet laughable just off the sheer sophomoric nature of Jalen’s crime and how he executed it with Detroit stealth.


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