In Living Color: 10 Hilarious Musical Moments From Jamie Foxx

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I’d probably have 15 kids if blessed with the otherworldly ability to sing, act and make people laugh all at once. Such a gift is exactly what God bestowed upon Eric Marlon Bishop, better known as Jamie Foxx.

Have there been missteps along the way during Foxx’s career? Of course, but such is to be expected in a career currently in its third decade of relevancy, starting with his run on the groundbreaking In Living Color in the early ’90s. Randomly watching episodes of The Jamie Foxx Show reminded me Foxx’s triple threat talent.

The next handful of clips represent hilarious moments in Jamie’s career, many of which involve just him, a stage, a musical instrument and an arena full of people. Hence the reason we’re all gathered here today. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s high time some homage is shown to one of the most prolific and talented men in the history of show business.

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The Wedding Song (Rough Draft)

This clip from the final season of (the vastly underrated) The Jamie Foxx Show satisfies the “hilarious” requirement based off the first 30 seconds. That and because there’s a good chance “Boo will you marry the kid?” will be stuck in your head pretty much all day.

Bonus: This scene doesn’t have any comedic value, but want to know why it’s so great? One, it stands as arguably the most memorable from the program’s nearly five-year run. Two, “Marrying My Angel” makes for an awesome wedding song in real-life. And three, this happened on the last episode. Fresh Prince left us without any closure about what happened to Will after moving out of the house and after Nia Long left him standing at the alter (something I’ve yet to truly forgive her for). And Martin, well, let’s not travel get started on that atrocity of a fifth season. He and Gina didn’t even have any kids, yo!

Anywho, the last episode of TJFS ended with Jamie and Fancy getting married and presumably living happily ever after. They left on a high note. And that’s why this episode, especially the song “Angel,” remains such a top-notch moment in sitcom history.

* – Garcelle Beauvais (“Fancy”) is still a celebrity crush of mine and a first ballot Hall of Fame cougar.

Jamie Performs “Slow Jam” & “If Only For One Night”

It was easy. It was simple. It was cool…

Covering Midnight Starr’s classic cut and Luther Vandross’ timeless love anthem, Jamie held the crowd in the palm of his hand with a mix of jokes and harmonies. The only critique I have is that I wish he would’ve at least sang the “Slow Jam” hook seeing as how there aren’t many choruses superior in the history of music. Nevertheless, Foxx immediately makes up for it with his story of how courting the opposite sex once was before launching into “If Only For One Night.”

Jamie Foxx Serenades Serena Williams At The ESPYs

Either I forgot or didn’t know to begin with, but Serena dated Keyshawn Johnson? Regardless, long before she was the Common denominator* in what would eventually become Drake’s “Stay Schemin'” verse, Serena was the apple of Jamie’s eye.

The 2003 and 2004 ESPYs were the setting for Foxx to profess his undying love and gauging the laughs of athletes and entertainers like Barry Bonds, Emmitt Smith, LeBron & Gloria James (who knows what Lambo was up to in 2004?) and Tom Cruise, advantage Jamie. And yes, that is Tank who helped Serena on stage.

ESPN should consider bringing Jamie back next year. The world needs a follow to “I Wanna Be Your Tennis Ball.”

* – That “c” is capitalized for a reason.

“The Brady Bunch,” According To Jamie Foxx

Speaking of Aubrey, his tweet of this clip totally stepped on my toes here, which he never mentioned he was doing at last month’s Light Skin Leaders of America chapter meeting.

He was right in one regard. This is by far one of the greatest Jamie related-clips anyone will ever find on YouTube. Not only were his impersonations of Babyface, Luther and Prince eerily accurate, but he honestly did morph The Brady Bunch theme into an honest-to-God love song.

Bonus: Because sometimes, relationships, as my cousins down south would say, “just be like that.”

Jamie Foxx Serenades Roseanne

Call this part two of “The Brady Bunch” clip. Three things about his appearance on Roseanne’s show.

1. No, it’s not as funny as some of the rest of clips are.

2. Why doesn’t Jamie make an album with him just singing ballads over pianos?

3. Roseanne didn’t have to shoot my man down at the end like that though.

Jamie Covers “Love Won’t Let Me Wait”

As if the trend hasn’t been apparent already, Luther Vandross was a profound source of inspiration for Foxx. 1993’s Live From The Foxxhole delivered some truly classic moments, and Jamie covering “Wait” was undoubtedly one of them. And Lord only knows the hysteria that would’ve happened had he sang Jodeci’s “Forever My Lady” in full.

Bonus: Another musical clip from Foxxhole, this time adding his adding his own twist to “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary.”

Jamie Foxx & Tommy Davidson – “Lately (Paraody)”

Had it not been for that legendary Martin episode, Jamie and Tommy would’ve had the greatest “Lately” parody in history while both were cast members on In Living Color. Not to worry, however, he actually got to sing it for the real K-Ci & JoJo years later on his own show.

Willie Beamen – “My Name Is Willie”

Make no mistake about it, Any Given Sunday is one of the greatest sports movies ever created. Willie Beamen was also the predecessor of what is known in 2013 as “Johnny Football.” And with his friendship with guys like 2 Chainz and Drake, just know we’re about one solid season in the NFL away from Johnny Manziel making “Must Be The Money Pt. 2.”

Jamie Cover’s “How Does It Feel”

To the ladies who frequent and write for TSS, just know one thing. This is the closest you will ever get to a male Nightcap.

Jamie Foxx – “Wish You Were Here”

Far from comical, if nothing else, this clip is a perfect example of Foxx’s range as an entertainer. Dedicated to his late grandmother/adoptive mother, “Wish You Were Here” is a record and a performance a person who has ever dealt with the loss of a loved one – recently or years removed – can truly relate to pending they let their guard down for one moment.

In other words, everyone can.

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