Jarren Benton, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright & SwizZz – “Funk Volume Cypher”

11.05.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

“N*gga, no one believes, You should kill your momma, she’s the dumb b*tch that conceived you.”

Once upon in time in Santa Cruz, the Funk Volume collective – Jarren Benton, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright & SwizZz – gathered to in a laundry room to record a candid session during the FV2012 Tour, armed with nothing more than a trusty DJ Premier instrumental and a solitary mic to be shared by all. What happened from there was effective. No, that’s an understatement. Like a group of hungry wolves, each MC dropped a head-spinning verse – including Jarren and Dizzy, who both completely obliterated their takes.

And it might go down in my personal history as one of the best events I’ve ever witnessed in a laundry room.

Cred: Team Backpack

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