“Run (From) This Town”

08.19.09 9 years ago 18 Comments

Seeing that The Blueprint 3 is completed and all, Mr. & Mrs. Carter felt they owed it to themselves to kick back on the friendly coasts of Croatia, (you know, the place that brought you Toni Kukoc.) Little did they know, the paps of Dubrovnik take the same training courses as their policija.

As you can see, their bodyguard’s muscle flashlight nor Jiggaman’s plaid patterns were enough to deter the mission. If you listen closely there’s hilarity to be heard:

Jay-Z:Go head, throw it [camera] in the water…

Paparazzi:Your mother is a whore!

Here’s an alternate view which highlights “the kick.”

$50 says the Croats try to make tripod throwing an event for the 2012 Olympics.

EDITTMZ’s reporting the charges against Julius have been dropped.

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Stray Shots

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