Jay Z, Dr. Dre Readying Major Remix For World Cup

06.14.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

The names X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons probably don’t ring a bell for many, but they’re apparently those of musicians who made a song called “Jungle” that recently featured in a Beats ad for the World Cup.

We featured it as one of the five best World Cup ads so far. The song nor the advertisement itself is anything special, just some run-of-the-mill jock-rock and mini-movie that are looking to make a buck for the Apple subsidiary off a global sporting event. In the film there are lots of famous athletes and personalities who presumably listen to “Jungle” while getting f*cking amped to watch the Dutch neuter the Spanish.

Anyways, perhaps you’ll be more familiar with the cut soon because one Shawn Carter has announced he’ll hop onto a remix. Roc Nation* and Beats’ Dr. Dre seem to have confirmed Jay’s upcoming appearance on Twitter:

This is the perfect fit for Jay: a bland multi-genre power ballad aimed at the Williamsburg crowd, looking to generate even more buzz for a big-name brand by getting rap’s biggest brand name to give it even more cache.

Folks, we’ve achieved perfect synergy. No word yet on exactly when or where this track will drop.

* — For the record, that hashtag #IamGodzillaofthesefavelas is so vacuous and irresponsible that I’m surprised there hasn’t been any pushback to it yet.

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