Jay-Z’s New Gig: NBA 2K13 Executive Producer

07.30.12 6 years ago 31 Comments

My strong suits and video games go together like oil and water. I’ve never been good at them and my attention span is shorter than the leprechaun’s reign on top that Biggie was talking about years back. However, after hearing one Shawn Carter was dubbed the executive producer of NBA 2K13, I did a double take. In this short 24 second clip, some guy named Jordan – who I hear was halfway decent at the game of basketball – firmly introduces Jay-Z as the man in charge.

What this position actually entails is up for debate. It could mean Jay’s in charge of all things music or it could be just a title added to an already loaded portfolio. Either way, it’s something else for him to rap about and maybe if we’re lucky he and Joe Budden will get the itch to go bar-for-bar again all in the name of the game’s soundtrack.

Moving right along, Jigga’s already a permanent court side personality, minority owner of the Nets and now NBA 2K13 big wig. Give it a decade or so, Jay’s going to be the commissioner of the league. Either that or they’ll name some award at All Star Weekend after him.

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