Jeezy Is Next In Line To Jump On The ‘Hot N*gga’ Hype

08.19.14 4 years ago
jeezy-me-ok video


Not wishing any ill will on the young brother whatsoever, but I sure do hope Bobby Shmurda has a back-up plan once “Hot N*gga” runs its course. Because aside from the song and the dance, there’s not much currently on the table laying out proof buddy has a lot more to offer than a good six-or-seven week summer run.

Nevertheless, Bobby’s trendy first single is still all the rage amongst the cool kids. Jeezy follows French adding his two cents to the cut, making sure to plug Seen It All’s September 2 release date several times while he’s at it. Such brings up the last, and perhaps most important.

Feel free to correct me if wrong, but I cannot recall the last time a hot record became even hotter by releasing its remix verses one-by-one (if these are even on the official remix). It’s a damn shame what happened to Rocko’s “UOENO.” For Bobby’s sake at least, here’s hoping he doesn’t meet the same fate.

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