Jeezy – “In My Head” (Prod. By Childish Major)

09.28.13 4 years ago 26 Comments


This is rap’s elephant in the room. The 2013 Jeezy, for the most part, is boring.*

Let the record show these words are not meant to come off as disrespectful or make me look like a hater. Jeezy arrived on the scene during my freshman year in college, so the memories created with his music as the soundtrack are enough to last six lifetimes. And not to to say this with a badge of honor, but I damn near offed a kid playing dodgeball at a summer camp because TM101 was stuck in my head.

Nonetheless, the music as of late just isn’t doing it. I know I’m not the only one reflecting these sentiments either.

This isn’t to say he can’t re-write things or make me look foolish with one hit single because, as a guy who hung on to every project buddy laced from Streets Is Watching until about Trap Or Die 2, I genuinely hope he does. His new single/track/loosie, the Childish Major-produced “In My Head,” isn’t terrible. It’s the normal trap lingo we’ve come to expect over the years, only now there’s no redeemable replay value. If this is the big single from Young that Twitter and Instagram were speaking of a few weeks ago, then, well, nevermind.

I hate the fact I feel the way I do in regards to Jeezy’s music. I hate the fact I feel like I’m looking at T-Mac on the Hawks. Or Martin during Season 5.

* – To be fair, his appearance on J. Cole’s “Kenny Lofton” was hard.

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