Jeff Green Gets Up Close & Personal With Al Jefferson On A Vicious Dunk

11.15.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

How awesome is it that both names combined make “Al Green”? No? Ok, moving forward. Another night, another NBA poster worth noting. This time, it’s Jeff Green dunking on the entire Utah Jazz front line, most notably Al Jefferson. Really, this play is a microcosm of what exactly Celtics management and fans alike believe Green can be for Boston. He’s big enough to guard most fours and athletic enough to play the three. To his credit though, buddy missed an entire season coming off a life threatening heart ailment and the season before he never truly got comfortable in Beantown following a midseason trade from Oklahoma City.

Oh, and of course Jeff received a technical for “taunting.” Not that K.G. gave a damn though.


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