“Money Ain’t A Thang”

03.31.09 9 years ago 43 Comments

Hip-Hop’s mini-mogul/magic leprauchun has been progressively developing a new skill.

It started with his remarkable ability to make more checks bounce than Nike Basketball (*swoosh*). But after much practice, he has perfected it.

He can now make any career, business, investment or record label crash merely by affiliation. We saw traces of this power affect powerhouses like Janet Jackson. Then he shut down his restaurant, leaving employees unpaid and p.o’ed. Def Jam got a whiff of the danger afoot so they booted him before his cancer spread. But Tag Records was unaware. The poor souls didn’t know. Until now.

According to reports, Proctor & Gamble plans on cutting TAG Records’ budget drastically in the near future. The company also plans on cutting off JD’s involvement with the label. When Dupri was let go from his job at Def Jam a few months ago, he was able to keep his job as president of TAG Records, but now his future at the label is questionable.

P&G experienced a huge loss in revenues with TAG’s sales dropping by some ridiculous figure like 23%. By the way, this was before the recession so don’t blame harsh economic climate.

The curse of Jermaine is powerful and scary.

Jermaine Dupri’s TAG Records In Trouble [HHDX]

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