News Reporter To Videobomber: “So How Long Have You Had An STD?”

01.31.13 5 years ago 39 Comments

Broadcast news sucks and is currently irrelevant. Why? The internet has effectively neutered broadcasters’ ability to disseminate news on a moment’s notice, like they did in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. The kids just aren’t watching live TV anymore.

But what’s an effective way to get young people to tune back in? By having sassy, sexy reporters give lip to video-bombing perps, throwing shade in the bitchiest way possible. In a recent report, Orlando Local 6’s Jessica Sanchez was interrupted by a 49ers fame-sucker whilst detailing New Orleans’ Super Bowl preparations. Sanchez’s response (to the delight of J-school profs everywhere)? Ask the subject how many STDs he/she has. Hilarity ensues, and the Niners fan backs away once she realizes she’s stepped on the rabid tiger’s tail.

Now, kudos go to Sanchez for flipping the script on her interrupter so coolly and casually, effectively transitioning from some fluff piece into an awesome troll grilling. Sanchez won’t win any ethics awards, but she’ll get props from every broadcast news anchor for acting on an id that they all wish they had.

But Sanchez’s actions aside, how many of you still get your news from local broadcasters or cable news giants like CNN or–God forbid–Fox News? Because Sanchez’s clip is an anomaly in televised news and seems to be the only way anyone under AARP age gives two sh*ts about it anymore.

H/T: Gawker

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