Joe Budden, Hollow Da Don Speak On The Aftermath Of ‘Total Slaughter’ Battle

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07.16.14 22 Comments

With his battle against Hollow Da Don officially in his rearview mirror, Joe Budden’s taking time to reflect on his loss at Total Slaughter. Candid as always, Joe called into the infamous AngryFans Radio to talk about the battle, his performance and a host of other topics.

Joe critiqued himself about as harshly as I’ve seen stating, “Horrible performance which led to horrible delivery. Really the only thing that was good were my words, and that was it.”

He’s right, but most people give him a little more credit for even trying. Joe also mentions that the boos in the third round didn’t bother him, but it was different than handling boos in a typical performance. He did touch on how the fans in the building were more receptive to more direct, simple bars. “My second verse was a lot to the point,” he continued,” it wasn’t a lot of the fancy wordplay…It was like talking to him, and that’s what the fans loved.”

Again, Joe is on point here and that deserves mentioning. Especially in judged battles, winning “in the room” is paramount to over the top bars that will later win guys the battle “on camera.” It happened all night as the crowd clearly reacted to more simple punchlines from Murda Mook (“Hypocritical like a dying hippopotamus”) and T-Rex, whereas the complexity of Daylyt and Loaded Lux’s bars simply didn’t hit as hard in the moment.

Budden took the time to address whether he wrote to a beat: “I wasn’t writing to a beat, but because I’m a professional rapper it sounded like that. Any time you’re rapping it should sound like it can go to a beat.”

Joe also touched on the mic issues that plagued the event, causing him to use to hand microphone instead of the lavalier. A friend who attended told me the mic issues were very real and especially for the rappers on the left hand side of the stage. While the audio was picked up for the cameras, in the building several sections couldn’t hear the rappers at all, which also explains some of the lack of crowd reaction at the event.

Hollow Da Don’s also making the rounds and doing interviews and touching on the mic issues and his own iffy performance. Hollow also says he has a big battle in the works (he apparently caught the attention of Eminem when he dissed Em’s manager Paul Rosenberg during the battle) and is interested in the much anticipated matchup with Charlie Clips.

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