Joe Budden & Ransom Reunite On “Vietnam”

07.29.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

Jumpoff Joe and Duffle Bag Ran together again? If this were the mid-2000s, Clue would have cats scrolling through Kazaa to find the full tape that held a track featuring these two.

Well, it not Y2K anymore. Those days have been gone. R.I.P to Stack. Clue and Duro’s name never pop up these days. Hell, even always fashionable Fab’s now wearing Crocs so you know shit’s done changed.

And it took six years but these two finally squashed their long-running beef earlier in the calendar, letting bygones be bygones and beef songs (Remember “Ransom Note” and “Heart Of The City”?) be water under the bridge. Now, two-thirds of the old Triangle Offense found their way back to the booth for “Vietnam.” Joe goes at it with tenacity, but it’s Ransom who drops the more memorable lines: “Sippin’ Champale and party harder than Manziel,” “Bars made of 24 karats, so f**k the choruses,” “You ain’t got a chance to live, smoke a n*gga wig off, leave’em just like a cancer kid, Know that I’m a little insensitive, Grew up kind of poor, we barely had any sense to live.”

Ahh, those Desert Storm days were something special.

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