Joyner Lucas – “Eyes On The Ceiling”

02.16.14 4 years ago


Joyner Lucas is a name that’s been circulating throughout my Gmail for a few weeks now. Life away from the computer happens and before long some stuff manages to get lose in the shuffle.

Thankfully, Joyner’s newest record crash landed in my inbox the other day. As to not let the cycle of forgotten e-mails repeat itself, Lucas’ “Eyes On The Ceiling” was given precedence. Turns out that wasn’t too shabby of an idea either.

A dark and melodic venture, the tune details the constant tug of war between materialism, wealth and finding the silver living in their addictive and (in ways) shallow desires. “Eyes” stands as the lead single from his forthcoming Along Came Joyner.

And needless to say, I’m glad I checked my e-mail.

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