Justin Bieber – “All That Matters” Video

12.03.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

It was to be expected Bieber would eventually begin giving the visual treatment to his #MusicMondays offerings. Good thing he decided to start with “All That Matters.”

The video itself isn’t anything groundbreaking or one that’ll push the culture of music forward, but it is another avenue for J.B. to milk the popularity of not only the song, but the successful (and in some ways image-altering) series. And while I can admit to being biased about the kid for close to five years now at TSS, watching the maturation process with his music has been worthwhile.

Everything I’ve read or heard in interviews gives off the impression he’s taking this direction with his music because it’s what he’s wanted for some time now. Plus, it’s easier to respect him attempting to crossover into a new segment of listeners by allowing the music to speak for itself than someone, like say, Miley Cyrus who attempted to swipe twerking away from The Twerk Team while desecrating Michael Jordan’s jersey and the good names and faces of Tupac and Biggie all within less than six months.

Don’t expect Bieber to slow down either. Word has it, the Canadian megastar is unleashing a collaboration with Chance The Rapper next week (one of two they recorded together) and one with R. Kelly, Lil Wayne, Big Sean and Diplo in the coming weeks.

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