Kanye Investigated For Assault On Paparazzi Who Asked Questions After Being Told Not To Ask Questions

07.20.13 5 years ago 32 Comments

kanye west paparazzi fight video

Los Angeles police launched an investigation Friday after Kanye West got into a small scuffle with a cameraman outside of LAX. Again.

The circumstances were different than last week’s incident after things did get physical between the two.

In the video footage, the paps are seen lurking in wait for West and peppering him with questions, just like he told them not to last week. As flashes go off and the hounding continues, West accuses the paparazzi of trying to provoke him “so I have to pay you, like, $250,000.” Kanye then lunges at a photographer’s camera and tries to wrestle it away. The two struggle for a moment before the rapper relinquishes his grip on the man and speeds away in a waiting white Benz, a Miracle Whip in this situation.

The incident looks worse in pictures than video but given Kanye’s past run-ins with the flash mob (he was charged with felony vandalism in 2008), who knows if the LAPD will take the situation seriously.

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