Kanye Had Another Confrontation With The Paparazzi Last Night

09.27.13 4 years ago 34 Comments

As if his week couldn’t get any more stressful, Kanye went at it once again with the paparazzi, this time in the early hours of the morning. Do these people not know that ‘Ye doesn’t want them talking to him?

“Kanye was at his bachelor pad at 4 AM, when several photogs (not TMZ) approached him as he was getting in his car to leave …. and asked about his feud with Jimmy Kimmel.

“It appears Kim is also there. Sources say he and Kim were on their way to the airport with the final stop — Paris.

“Take a look at the video. An infuriated Kanye lunges at the photog but it does not appear there is any physical contact.

“It looks as if the photogs are standing on his driveway — which is a trespass.” [TMZ]

Yeezy looks to have every right be livid, especially at 4AM, and the photographers/scoundrels should be thankful nothing worse happened than Kanye calling them “bloodsucking mosquitoes.” We would have liked it if his trunk looked like Walter White’s outside of Denny’s

For as much hell as everyone – us included – give Kanye, nobody deserves this to be a part of their daily existence.

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