Kanye West & Friends – “All Of The Lights” Video

02.19.11 7 years ago 32 Comments

Life’s been a blur over the past month, so just a few days ago I was searching the TSS archives to makes sure I hadn’t missed Kanye’s “All Of The Lights” video. Ever since the first snippet dropped way back when I knew that this would be epic. So much that I was worried the final product wouldn’t live up to my beautiful dark twisted expectations. It didn’t, but at the same time I check the pulse of anyone who says they don’t like this song.

A day month late and a dollar short, the video is finally here in all of its seizure-inducing glory. My only hope is that Hype cut Kanye a break on his usual director’s rate because the final product is a bit subdued if you consider their combined video catalogs. The only friends who were able to clear their schedules were Rihanna and the Cudster. Fergie is the only noticeable absence, but RiRi and her homage to Leeloo more than make up for it.

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