Remember ‘College Dropout’-Era Kanye With This 2004 Tim Westwood Freestyle

02.05.16 2 years ago

Throwback Kanye West is classic Kanye West, and this unreleased freestyle on Tim Westwood’s show is an absolute masterpiece. As he tackles some of his and Jay’s earliest hits, Yeezy gets chauvinistic, sarcastic and hilarious with the same fervour that inspired his first few classic albums.

No record is spared as “Change Clothes,” “Encore” and “Slow Jamz” all get barred to death. Even though some of the rhymes end up in later songs, there are tons of gems in this six-minute blast. With Westwood bugging out and smashing the effects buttons, Mr. West lit the booth on fire and spit gasoline onto the embers.

“I told her to drive over after dude’s crib
Bring a couple new friends
Them last girls was too thick, how you expect me to hit?
You wanna watch Clueless, I wanna watch Foolish
Excuse me, miss, I don’t appreciate your rudeness
But if you skrip, I will appreciate your newness
I heard the best head came from girls that is toothless”

Obviously from a different era in sound, lifestyle and content, the flows show ‘Ye approaching his all-time great status with the same hunger and wittiness that critics suggest he is missing today. After breaking his writer’s block on a flight a few weeks back, let’s pray the G.O.O.D. Music capo has a few more miracle whips left in the tank for his new LP on February 11, whatever it’s called.

Download the mp3 for free via Westwood’s SoundCloud.

(Via Tim Westwood)

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