Kanye West Became A Technical College Fashion Teacher As Part Of His Community Service

09.22.14 3 years ago 36 Comments

His hometown of Chicago wasn’t the only place Kanye popped up at recently. As part of his mandated community service stemming from a 2013 attack on a paparazzi at LAX, Kanye West added another title to his vast mantle of distinctions: instructor. ‘Ye has been spending a good chunk of his 250 hours teaching students at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College, a school known for its concentration in apparel design.

An undeniable truth about Kanye, misguided or not, has always been the nearly unrivaled passion in everything he embraces. Judging from the photos posted via Instagram, it appears like North’s pops enjoyed himself in his temporary (maybe?) new role, too. And kudos to The Artist Formerly Known As The Louis Vuitton Don for not being one of those teachers who feels the need to write everything on the blackboard.*

Without speaking to any of the students, how effective Kanye The Teacher is is up for debate. Although, if one had to guess, a cross between a hybrid of Samuel L. Jackson in Coach Carter, Denzel Washington in The Great Debaters and Roland Pryzbylewski in Season 4 of The Wire once the students began taking a liking to him is a good place to start.

And who knows, pending he was any good and he found some true enjoyment in it, Kanye and education could be a reality somewhere down the line.






* – To be fair, it’s also a tad easier to reach students when you’re one of the most recognizable people on the planet.

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