Kanye West Reveals The Final Title And Tracklist For His New Album, Again

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02.10.16 16 Comments
Kanye West

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Once again, Kanye West has renamed his seventh album, and, with less than 24 hours left until he streams it to the world, we think this one just might stick. Maybe.

Yes, Kanye took to his platform of choice, Twitter, to let the world know that the album will now be known as The Life of Pablo and post yet another handwritten “final” tracklist.

There have been some changes in the tracklist as well, with “No More Parties In LA” with Kendrick Lamar noticeably missing, along with the addition of “Freestyle 4.” The page has yet to devolve into a yearbook page from hell again, but Yeezy did ask the question “Which one?” next to the title, leading many to believe that “Pablo” might not refer to the obvious Pablo everybody has in mind. I thought Kanye was just a big Narcos fan, others thought it was a reference to Pablo Picasso, but this is Kanye we’re talking about, so it could be anything. Kim’s new dog might be named Pablo for all we know.

Oh, and as for that contest the other day where Kanye promised free Yeezys and tickets to the Yeezy Season 3 fashion show? Well, a few people guessed the title exactly, but no word yet on if Kanye has kept his end of the deal.

Time to pay up, ‘Ye.

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