Kanye West Reveals Details For The Streaming ‘WAVES’ Premiere

02.01.16 2 years ago

Kanye West has confirmed that his Madison Square Garden event “Yeezy Season 3” will include a full premiere of his new album WAVES. The rapper tweeted out a poster for the event that promised a “world premiere of the new album WAVES in its entirety” as well as a performance by conceptual artist Vanessa Beecroft.

In addition to the new info, tickets for the movie theaters that will stream the event around the world went on sale (provided you don’t live in the United States, where tickets were strangely absent). However, there is a map of the United States covered in red dots, so eager fans can eyeball whether they live close enough to a theater that is showing the stream.

The previous Yeezy Seasons have primarily been fashion events with a few song premieres thrown into the mix. Plus, WAVES tracks “Wolves” and “Fade” first appeared at Yeezy Seasons 1 and 2, respectively. As for the new album, it seems that Kanye is tweaking it right down to the wire. He continues to add collaborators as the release date draws nearer. Andre 3000, Kirk Franklin, Chance the Rapper, and Earl Sweatshirt have all stopped by Kanye’s studio to join in the “greatest album of all time.”

(Via Pitchfork)

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