Kanye West Started A Brutal War Of Words With Wiz Khalifa Over Kim Kardashian

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01.27.16 54 Comments
Kanye West Wiz Khalifa

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Well, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa’s earlier disagreement over Yeezy’s use of Wave as his new album title has taken a turn towards rap beef territory.

Early Wednesday morning, Wiz was up for a wake and bake session during which he tweeted “Hit this kk and become yourself.” Nothing too far out of the ordinary for one of rap’s most famous stoners, who also happens to have his own strain of weed named KK.

Was it a subtweet? Maybe, maybe not. While most people know and understood the reference, seeing those initials “KK” pop up on Wiz’s timeline sent Kanye’s Twitter fingers into action. ‘Ye decided to go all the way in on Wiz, criticizing his clothing choices, his music and…well, he got very “petty.”

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