Video: Kanye’s Devil In A New Dress Has A Face

12.29.10 7 years ago 27 Comments

In my perfect world, Kanye’s upcoming moves to continue to promote his 4.5 Cig effort would go down like this:

— Drop the video “Monster” on New Year’s Day.

— Perform “All Of The Lights” at the Grammys with all 11 artists.

— Follow up with the video for “Devil In A New Dress.”

— Close with a video for “Blame Game” (which would tie into “Devil…”)

Seeing as how Mr. West has always marched to the beat with his own drum, the only thing worth guaranteeing is the first one coming at some point. However, a young filmmaker by the name of Yonie took matters into his own hands by using his own vision to bring track number eight on MBDTF to life. His ability to bring the deceitfulness of the character to life was worth complimenting considering he probably didn’t have the opportunity to toss ideas back and forth with Kanye himself.

My only suggestion is that the majority of the video remain in “slow motion” as seen in the 2:19-2:23 mark. Then again, I’ve never been confused for Spike Jonze either.

Props: D.Boyd

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