Jodeci Had No Clue Martin Was Going Interrupt Their Performance On That ‘Martin’ Episode

08.10.13 5 years ago 24 Comments

kci and jojo - thisis50 interview

Try to ignore whatever the hell it is going on with Jack Thriller’s haircut. The fact of the matter is buddy frequently manages to deliver entertaining and revealing interviews. His latest with K-Ci and JoJo serves as no exception.

1. K-Ci, in his best cookout attire, looks as if he’d be the perfect amigo to go to “power hour” at the bar with. Either that or he could perhaps be the world’s greatest beer pong player no one knows about. For what it’s worth, he appears to just look 20+ years older than the guy who sported the white windbreaker and combat boots in the “Forever My Lady” video.

JoJo, though? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but buddy looks tapped out. And I’ve been trying to figure it out for the past few hours now, but JoJo looks like someone marginally famous. It’s going to haunt me until I figure it out, too.

2. No one knows where the hell Dalvin or DeVante are at nowadays or what they’re doing. All we know is DeVante has a ranch with horses somewhere and the last thing he’s thinking about is recording an album. Jack Thriller attempts to make light of the statement, but just look at K-Ci and JoJo’s face. It says it all.

It says, “Nahh, bruh. You don’t know what we know. This fool is bat shit crazy. And we’re bat shit crazy, so how bat shit crazy do you think DeVante is?” Let’s all pray for Mr. Dalvin, though. There are people to this day who aren’t really sure what Dalvin’s role in the group was.

3. The Tommy Davidson/Jamie Foxx parody is forever classic. Debate on this topic left the room five years ago, for the record.

4. JODECI HAD NO PRIOR WARNING THEY WERE INVOLVED IN THE MARTIN SKIT ON THE “VARNELL HILL” EPISODE!? Holy shit! So now one of the funniest scenes in cable (and non-cable) television history becomes even funnier with the announcement Jodeci wasn’t in on the plot!

Now, K-Ci damn-near fighting Martin becomes even funnier. Gina and Cole’s reactions become priceless. Martin “freestyling” the entire scene, including the “7-11/Big Gulp” part, to go along with the radio scene with Varnell, makes “Hollywood Swingin'” a top-three episode in series history (if it wasn’t already).

I can’t wait to bring this up in conversation while flexing my sitcom muscles. This is awesome (not so) vital information for your everyday life. Long live “The Mad Band.” Even if 50%-75% of the group may be fighting addictions of some sort nowadays.

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