Keri Hilson Goes Softcore For “The Way You Love Me” Video

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
11.29.10 38 Comments

Watching Miley Cyrus transition from wholesome Disney star to teen sexpot has been a tad awkward but slightly understandable. She’s growing & fully embracing the rebellious teen stage, thus age appropriate. Watching grown ass Keri Hilson do it is…arousing yet awkward in a different kind of way, almost as if there’s a puppet master pulling the strings. Over her short span on the scene, Keri’s gone from the good girl next door image she used to enter the game to ghetto and now independent, sexy diva b*tch, poppin’ coochie, gyrating while it all hangs out and tonguing a door to the point of where even a gentleman like Slim Thug couldn’t contain himself.

“Touch me, touch me, touch me, it’s the way you touch me, F*ck me, f*ck me, f*ck me it’s the way you f*ck me…the way you love me baby, you got me going crazy.”

Interscope, it’s not believable at all. However, at least we all know what Keri’s capable of, faking it or not because sweet Jesus on high at the physical action @ the 5:45 mark.

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