Kevin Durant Nails Game-Winner, Westbrook’s Knee Reportedly Fine

03.22.14 4 years ago 17 Comments

The bad news is Russell Westbrook suffered another knee injury tonight. The severity of it has yet to be determined (and won’t until tomorrow), but for a guy who’s had three setbacks since last year’s playoffs, the words “Westbrook” and “knee injury” are enough to make OKC fans vomit.

The good news is this. The Thunder still have Kevin Durant.

Calling a spade a spade, KD has the MVP award wrapped up unless Thunderstruck actually happens in real life the next three weeks or so. “The Servant” delivered warm slices of humble pie all evening in Toronto to the tune of a monstrous 51 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists; a line that hasn’t been posted since that Jordan guy in 1992 and his 35th consecutive game of at least 25 points.

Despite Kevin’s monster night, the Raptors were still up 118-110 with less than a minute in double overtime before the bottom dropped out. Two three pointers by Trey5 and Old Man River (Derek Fisher) cut the lead to one setting the stage for what happened next – a cold-blooded triple telling the maintenance workers to make sure all the lights are off when they lock up tonight.

The fact Durant dropped 51 and nailed a game-winner on a night where his MVP competition in LeBron had 15 (in a win) only helps strengthen his case with 13 games remaining in OKC’s regular season.*

Update: David Aldridge reports that early tests of a Westbrook’s knee on Saturday did not show any issues of concern.

* – Durant’s already one of the greatest scorers basketball has seen. No one’s denying that and he’s already one of the best players I’ve seen with my own two eyeballs. But for as Monstar-like as Durant’s playing now, OKC is going to need Westbrook healthy. It took 51-12-7 by KD to win by one point. Expecting him to replicate this night in and night out come April and May is too much for any man.

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