Kevin Durant Shares Hilarious Steph Curry Story From When They Were Kids

08.21.14 4 years ago 8 Comments
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Turns out, Kevin Durant is a comedic prodigy. I had no idea, Word might have known, but I was in the dark about this one. Exhibit A is this video here, wherein KD tells the story of the first time he met Steph Curry, jump shot god.

Look at how excited KD gets the moment he realizes the question Ernie Johnson is asking, “do you remember the first time these guys got on your radar?” The Slim Reaper spins in his chair, lifts his head, widens his eyes and tries unsuccessfully to hold back a grin. If he was in class he would have been doing that “oh oh oh” hand raise where you’re kind of just bouncing in your seat. He looks like a guy about to cash a $285 million check. He can’t contain himself, he has a story and he wants to tell it dammit.

“I told Steph this, it was about 10 years old and our AAU team drove down to Charlotte and it was this one, like.. I thought he was white.

Do you see that? That’s a rare comedy double entendre. KD lumped a lightskin joke and a “all white guys can shoot” joke all into one. Durant even calls Curry “yellow” in the next sentence. Add all that up with KD’s hairline and you my friends have comedic gold stuffed into a tidy one minute.

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