Kevin Gates Is Wanted By Police In Connection With A Shooting At His Show

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
01.27.15 5 Comments

The cops want a word with Kevin Gates in hopes that he can help them solve a crime.

Gates was performing in Lexington, KY. early Sunday morning when a crowd member was shot in the packed venue. According to TMZ, the person wounded suffered a “non-life-threatening wound.” While the fuzz don’t think Luca Brasi had anything to do with the shooting, they still want to question him to see if he can shed light on the occurrence.

Gates didn’t dip after the shooting. In fact, it looks as though he hung around and even performed while standing in the middle of the crowd in the video below. Going out on a limb here but noting the fact that he wasn’t spooked the least by the shooting and he damn near doesn’t blink in the video leads me to believe that KG may have been too far gone to even care much less remember what happened when the shots rang out.

(via TMZ)

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