Here’s Video Of Kevin Gates Kicking A Female Fan At A Recent Show

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08.30.15 40 Comments

Incest and beastiality advocate Kevin Gates doesn’t get tired of “allegedly” assaulting his female fans. Apparently, the booty-eating rapper draws the line at pulling and grabbing when it comes to fan interactions because a woman was viciously kicked in the chest at a recent show for touching the bottom of Kevin’s shorts.

The violent attack happened on Friday during Kevin’s Club Rumors performance in Florida. The whole thing was captured on tape and shows a woman in red grabbing Kevin’s shorts and Kevin punting her chest.

Gates remains unbothered by the social media backlash, gauging by the above tweet. As for the female fan, she says she’s going to sue him because he kicked the wrong chick.

This latest incident marks the third time the 29-year-old rapper has been caught pulling these types of f*ckboy stunts. Last year, he elbowed another female fan in the face for trying to share the same air as him.

Back in March, the Baton Rouge savage brawled with two female fans at a club show for calling his mama a hoe. Kidding. He fought the women for reasons far worse than disrespecting his mother. Kevin went berserk because they were pulling and grabbing at him. The nerve of these hoes, right?

(Via DJ Akademiks)

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