Kick Rocks, Zeke.

04.19.08 10 years ago 64 Comments

Written by Chris “Preach” Smith

It’s all over.


The word came down and Isiah “Scrap Iron” Thomas has been fired. Yesterday was a
glorious day. The weather was warm, the ladies were looking good and hope came
back, although uneasily. ‘Cause he’s still going to be with the Knicks. The new GM,
Donnie Walsh hasn’t decided in what capacity he’s going to remain in. I have an idea,
Donnie…how about janitor? It’s appropriate considering the garbage he’s collected
and spewed out for the past few years. I can see it now, Isiah sweeping up in the
mezzanine. (Look I know it can’t happen but a man can hope for divine justice, can’t

The biggest thing is, as a Knicks fan, there is at last some hope. It’s been real tough.
Thomas had tried to correct the team and had inherited a mess from the previous GM,
Scott Layden. But he’s managed to make us a laughing stock and an easy gag for those
third rate announcers on ESPN looking to make it big. He managed to make the Knicks
one of the worst teams in recent professional sports history and he’s done it with a
range of emotions from phony sincerity to outright arrogance.

He’s been in con artist mode since he arrived at Penn Plaza and if you think he’ll change after causing the death of the Continental Basketball Association, alienating coaches, former greats of the Knick franchise and his team as well as coming out on the losing end of a sexual harassment lawsuit (and seriously, where else in this country can you cost your boss 11 MILLION and still get to keep your job?), you obviously don’t know the man who I’ve come to call “Scrap Iron.” I can see why they blocked him from the original Dream Team in the first place. Think about that; Christian Laettner? Seriously.

So hopefully, the light at the end of the tunnel will get brighter. Because I can’t think of
anything worse to suffer through as I’ve gone through this season, unless I was a Miami
Heat fan. Hopefully Donnie Walsh will come to his senses and give Isiah the final boot
or keep him out of the limelight. And maybe the Knicks can actually stop shooting bricks.

Wait, that’s not gonna change. Who am I kidding?

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