Kid Sister Feat. Danny Brown – “Gucci Rag Top” (Remix) Video

11.16.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

Never really been a big Kid Sister fan, myself. Yet, despite having some select songs that make you want to punish your brain with Q-tips, you can’t really knock a hot chick who can rap relatively well. Let alone, when she’s got Fool’s Gold brethren Danny Brown on board this scrolling video for her “Gucci Rag Top” remix, rapping about speakers beating up backseat passengers “like Emmit Till.” While a tad extreme at times, that dentist-hating sumbitch delivers more presence to the track than Santa Clause does in total during December. Plus, if you haven’t noticed already from the picture above, the guy’s got a hell of a smile.

Kid Sister’s Kiss & Tell EP drops November 29 on iTunes, so support those Fools and cop.

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