Two Birds, One Stone: Warriors Klay Thompson Buries The Game-Winner, Indiana Pacers

Contributing Writer
03.04.14 6 Comments

Remember the Warriors? A team plenty of people picked as a dark horse contender before the season, well they’re starting to live up to that. Typically, they ride the Steph Curry wave, but tonight while he was shackled by Paul George, Klay Thompson stepped in a picked up the slack.

Klay capped off his 25 point five rebound night with a turnaround, game-winner over George Hill with just 0.6 seconds left in Indiana to give GSW a 98-96 win. Klay was also part of the bunch of Warriors who shared the Paul George assignment, holding him to 8-23 shooting.

All in a day’s work for the other Splash Brother.

Golden State has surged into the sixth seed in the West, passing up the Suns and Mavs after being behind both at the All-Star Break. Golden State joins (of all teams) the Detroit Pistons as the only teams to beat both Miami and Indiana on the road this season.

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