It Looks Like The Knicks Have A Big Point Guard Problem On Their Hands

07.15.12 6 years ago 44 Comments

Raise your hand if you have any clue what the hell is going on with the New York Knicks. Nobody? Okay, just checking.

A few days ago, the Knicks seemed to have a hold of its offseason. They were able to acquire Jason Kidd and appeared poised to match Houston’s offer sheet for Jeremy Lin. Then, out of nowhere, they put together a deal that would see Portland’s Raymond Felton take part in a sign and trade that will send him to the Big Apple. This all calls into question whether or not the Knicks will actually match the Rockets on Jeremy Lin and keep Linsanity going strong at MSG.

From a basketball standpoint, nabbing Felton and cutting Lin loose seems like a good deal for New York. They get a proven point guard and don’t have to spent $15 million in the third year of a contract for a point guard that put together a quarter of a season. But from a PR standpoint this seems weird. The Knicks seemed determined to keep Lin no matter what, and the sudden about-face is odd.

To add a further wrinkle in all of this, a deal for Lin in Houston would take away a gang of wiggle room the team had in place to try to lure Dwight Howard over. Whatever the case, it’s clear that the NBA learned a lesson from the NFL, creating dramatic offseasons to keep fans interested.

A few quick notes:

— The Philadelphia 76ers, who got rid of Elton Brand a week ago, turned around and signed Kwame Brown. Yes, Kwame Brown still has a job in the NBA. This is a landmark deal as it solidifies Kwame Brown as the worst 10+-year veteran in NBA history.

— Meanwhile the Dallas Mavericks picked up Brand. It’s a nice consolation prize for not getting Dwight Howard or Deron Williams and losing Jason Terry and Jason Kidd. No? Okay.

— The New Orleans Hornets retained Eric Gordon for a max deal because they’re idiots. Reporters were at the Olympic team practices to get a quote from Gordon before realizing that he wasn’t there because he didn’t make the team because he’s overrated and doesn’t deserve a stupid max deal.

— Ramon Sessions has left the Lakers to sign with the Bobcats. Literally every aspect of his life is going to be worse than it was last year.

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