KNife’s “DieNasty” Video: Real Rap, No Artificial Flavoring

06.02.14 4 years ago 25 Comments

Do I know a lot about KNife? Not really. The video for “DieNasty” landed in my inbox along with a short description that tells me he’s from Savannah, GA and head of the Dope Sandwich label. Still, that didn’t give me a lot to go by.

Then I clicked play and my left brain ended up being very entertained by his no nonsense, traditional rap spit. There was middle-fingers-up bars (“Nowadays it pays if you’re less than half of spectacular, For cameras, rappers’ll suck faster than Dracula”) offset by bits of humor (“I’m a fat rap nut, you ain’t pre-cum…”) KNife states, “It was actually an addition meant to lighten the album up a little, but it backfired and ended up being the hardest track on the damn thing.”

I haven’t heard the rest of said album, titled Iconoclast, but KNife’s on the right track if everything’s on par with “DieNasty.”

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