Kobe Bryant Teaches Aziz Ansari A Thing Or Two About Success

01.24.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

With his soon-to-be ex-wife reportedly set to take her talents to the infamous Basketball Wives series and his Lakers squad still in the infant stages of figuring out a digestible offense to go along with Mike Brown’s defense, Kobe Bryant continues to have one of the country’s most popular brands. And thanks to this recent #KobeSystem campaign, the NBA legend pumps more life into a campaign which already has superstars Serena Williams, Larry Fitzgerald, Kanye West and more climb aboard. In this commercial, Bean teaches comedian Aziz Ansari about the meaning of success and why pizza has not a damn thing to do with achieving it.


1. Shoes and all things Nike are more Gotty and MZ’s expertise, but I’m finding myself getting more and more engulfed in the culture. I’ve been mighty impressed with the marketing plan behind the #KobeSystem. It’s a great way to combine star power and already extremely high consumer confidence in Nike’s product.

2. Lowkey, Aziz Ansari has been having one of the better runs in Hollywood for awhile now. From his appearance in The Throne’s “Otis” video to landing the lead role in Nike’s K.S. Level 1 Success commercial, his agent deserves a pat on the back.

3. Given all the other things in Kobe’s life that appear to be going through the ringer, at least there’s this.

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