Kobe Bryant Playing A Fan In ‘HORSE’ Ends Exactly How You Think

07.24.14 4 years ago 18 Comments

As a disclaimer, what you’re about to witness is nowhere near as bad as when Kobe decimated Bow Wow one-on-one some years back.

And unlike the Bow Wow maiming, Kobe’s newest recorded decapitation of a fan involved the age-old game of ‘HORSE.’ The (un)lucky contestant this time around was a guy named Sami at Kobe’s Skills Academy. To Sami’s credit, too, he starts off on fire, even handing Kobe a couple of letters until he made one crucial mistake.

He missed. Then, Kobe was allowed to take over, the trash talk ramped up 10 levels and a bloodbath ensues.

On one hand, Sami still came out a winner because how many non-NBA players can say they played against Kobe Bryant? On the other, how can you not plan for trick shots in a game of ‘HORSE’ against Kobe? Of course he’s not going to shoot jumpshots he entire time.

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